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Car Maintenance Tips

It is very important to protect the Haldex system (4 wheel drive 4 motion ) on Volkswagen and Audi cars. We recommend replacement of Haldex engine oil in every 3 years or max 45,000 kilometres.

It is important to replace the timing belt and water pump on most Volkswagen group cars at 90.000km to avoid costly repairs that result from belt failure.

We recommend the use of premium Diesel in Australia for all European diesel vehicles as carbon build up is a big problem that causes lots of problems.

At Sergio Automotive, we recommend premium petrol at 98 octane for all European cars because non premium fuel can cause engine problems when the burn is not clean. Low octane fuels can allow carbon build up that could lead to engine failure because low octane fuel at 91 octane fuel needs much longer to burn and it heats up the pistons more than higher rated fuel.

For long term reliability we recommend that all European cars have an in between service for just oil change. The normal service intervals are European norms with much more freeway driving with faster speeds that keeps engines cleaner.

It's very important to regularly check tyre pressures for your safety and comfort as well as fuel consumption.

Be sure to check your oil level on new European cars with smaller engines that have to work harder for high performance.

If you have questions about the maintenance of European, Asian or Australian cars contact Sergio.